I’m Portuguese with a European identity, who found comfort in the Finnish silence and beautiful nature. I build software, and everything that requires: software architecture, risk management, IT security management, integrations, interoperability standards, and artificial intelligence.

I started my professional journey in Lisbon, where I studied Information and Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico (Técnico Lisboa). There I became involved in student politics and student representation, which gave me a considerable head start in management and organisation related topics.

I enrolled in an exchange program that brought me to Aalto University in Finland. Here I briefly studied machine learning and data mining, and became involved in the startup scene that is desperate to find good talent. After a first failed attempt at entrepreneurship, where I learned the basics of business development and the meaning of failure, I joined other startups. In total I’ve watched and helped two startups grow from early stage towards acquisition by major industry players (Holvi by BBVA, Kaiku by Elekta).

Besides technology, I’m passionate about company culture, diversity and representation topics, sailing and the Finnish cottage and nature life.


I do enjoy building small MVPs end to end, and a can make a prototype in every corner of a product. My swiss army knife tech stack is: Docker + Flask + SQL Alchemy + Bootstrap

I can deal cards in:

Interests & Hobbies

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